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Schoology is our learning management system in the HKIS High School. A learning management system is where we distribute content, set classwork, communicate learning intentions and record grades for our Students. Schoology is used in varying degrees depending on learning area needs, however, there are basic requirements that should be followed by all Faculty to ensure consistency in our course delivery and student data.

Basic Courses Requirements

  • Course Outline
  • Academic Integrity Policy
  • Grade Descriptors
  • Bell Schedule
  • Assessments with (S) and (F) prefixes 2 weeks before Student deadline

Gradebook Setup

Ensure your settings are correct before adding any Assessments. When creating an assignment, uncheck the dropbox if you don't plan to collect the task in Schoology. Summative tasks must always have the 'S' prefix added to the title. Formative tasks must utilise 'F' prefix.

Gradebook Settings

  • Weight Categories set to 0%
  • Check "Hide Grading score columns
  • Check "Hide overall grade" and "Hide grading period grades"

** Once you setup one Gradebook you can "Copy Settings" to the other courses.



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