Authenticating with Microsoft

When you provide an application or website with a username and password, you are "authenticating" to that application or website.  At HKIS, when you log into DragonNet, PowerSchool, or Grammarly, we use Microsoft to authenticate you, which means to make sure you have entered a valid username and password.  This process looks like this:

  1. You are asked to enter your HKIS email address.Screenshot_2022-08-05_at_11.30.25_AM.png
  2. After you enter your HKIS email address, you are then prompted to enter your HKIS password:Screenshot_2022-08-05_at_11.31.59_AM.png
  3. You should now be redirected back to the website or application you were using.
  4. If you need assistance with this process, please email

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