How to insert a Google Doc in Schoology

Insert Google doc in Schoology

Linking to a specific document/folder

  1. In Google drive, check the box next to the file/folder you want to link to Schoology/Atlas.
  2. Click on the share button on the top menu. 
  3. Click on "Change" under the "Who has access" title.
  4. Select "Anyone with the link" can "View", hit "Save".
  5. Copy the link as shown below.
  6. In Schoology, go to the course page and go to the "Materials" tab.
  7. Click "Add Materials"
  8. Select "Add File/Link/External Tools"
  9. Choose "Link", paste the link of the google drive file and add a title for this link.
  10. After you've saved it, the Google doc will be shown when students click on the link.
  11. Sometimes if the file doesn't open correctly, students can click the icon on upper right hand corner to open it in a new window.

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