Mail Merge using Word and Outlook on Mac with Gmail Account

  1. Open Mail and select Mail in the menu bar and select Preferences
  2. Set your Default email reader: Microsoft Outlook
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-06-12_at_8.24.32_AM.png
  3. Enable two-factor authentication on your Gmail account if not already enabled.
    2. Enable 2-Step Verification here
  4. Once enabled you can generate an App password.
    1. Screen_Shot_2018-06-12_at_8.29.17_AM.png
  5. You paste this password in for your password when you sign in to your school Gmail account in Outlook
  6. You can perform a mail merge as you would normally in Microsoft Word.
    1. It may ask for your login keychain password to link your Excel list of information. This password is the password you use to login to your computer.

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