From Paper to Digital

In the past, getting your documents into digital form could be a laborious process. You might need to go to a scanner to scan your documents, the scan might not look very good, the scanner might not be able to scan photos, then the scan would be sent to your email as an attachment, or dropped somewhere on a network drive, or in a random folder on your computer. Often the file name would be what appears to be random numbers and letters, or an obscure file name maybe with a date.

We can do better.

Acrobat Reader for Mobile

You can try out Acrobat Reader on iOS and Android. Using the camera on your mobile device, the Reader App takes a photo of your document, but it does much more than that to give you a scan of your document. The scanner on Reader detects the boundary of your document, adjusts for perspective, and sharpens your text. This can give you a much better result than a simple photo of a document. Once you have the scan, you can save to Google Drive on your phone, which will then sync to your Google Drive everywhere. Synergy!

Google PhotoScan

"The photo scanner from the future"

You have all these photos lying around but you might want to save them somewhere digitally, or merge them with your digital photo library. Don’t just take a picture of a picture. Create enhanced digital scans, with automatic edge detection, perspective correction, and smart rotation. You can then store your photos in Google Photos, which allows free unlimited photo storage. Check out this great, and funny, YouTube clip advertising its features.




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