How to Quickly Access Recent Folders & Recent Files on your Mac

How to Quickly Access Recent Folders & Recent Files on your Mac

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Many people forget about two handy features that are accessible right from the Mac menu with a single mouse click: The Recent Folders and Recent Items.

The Recent Folders menu lists the last 10 folders you opened. The Recent Folders is a submenu on the Go menu and allows you to jump to any of the folders in the list.

Recent folders on the Finder menu

This is similar to the Recent Items list on the Apple Menu which lists the previous 10 applications and the previous 10 documents that you last accessed. So rather than drill down from the Finder to find a folder or document, using the Recent Folder and Recent Items feature might significantly speed up your workflow.  These features are available in recent versions Mac OS X as well as in macOS Sierra.

Recent items on the Apple menu

To Jump to a Recent Folder

  1. Select Go from the Finder menu, point to Recent Folders, and then select the folder from the list that you view.

To Jump to a Document or Application

  1. Select  from the menu, point to Recent Items, and then select the document or application from the list that you want.

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