How to send e-mail using Schoology

The email application in Schoology can be used to send single and mass email messages throughout the school. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to send an email using Schoology.

Step 1 On your Schoology homepage, click the Apps icon

Step 2 Then click the "@Email" application.


Step 3 Select whom the email should come from. If you are sending in behalf of someone or an organization, please open a ticket here and request for proxy access for Schoology.  Step 3  

Step 4 Once you have selected the correct sender, click on the magnifying icon to choose the recipients.   

We recommend using BCC to send to multiple parents. Step4    

Step 5 Click on the arrow to see whom you can send to. Step6 By default, you will see your Courses or Groups in Schoology and you should be able to send to them. Step7 However, you can also send messages if needed to different divisions and grades like the following: Step 8 If you need rights to send to different divisions and grades, please open a ticket here and tag the subject as "Add demographics in Schoology Email".  

Step 6 For example, we need to send an email to one course.  Select the course then click on the arrow on User Type. test  

Step 7 Notice that you can send to Members, Admins, Parents of students and Counselors of students. Step 10  

Step 8 Once you have chosen the correct recipient, you can click TO, CC or BCC depending on your requirement. Step11  

Step 9 Your email app will now display something like below. It will NOT show the email addresses but don't worry, it's there. It's preferred to add yourself as BCC so you could see how it looks like when the email is sent. Step12   If you want to add more recipients, do steps 4-9 again. 

Step 10 Don't forget to add your subject and message. Step13  

Step 11 Once you're done, double-check your TO, FROM, CC, BCC, Subject and Message. Click "Send" if you're good to go. Step14  

Step 12 After sending, the image below will appear for confirmation. Click YES if you would like to send a new e-mail.

Step 15


Here's a short video showing you how to send an e-mail using Schoology Email application:


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