Alcatel-Lucent 8078 - Keys and their functions

Permanent features keys




  • Mute and interphony key.
    During a call, press this key to stop your contact from hearing you. When idle, press this key to switch the phone to interphony mode. When you receive a call, the phone hooks off automatically and you go straight into hands-free mode.
    When activated, this key is lit blue.


  • Turn down the volume (ringing or call state).

  • Decrease the brightness (idle state).

  • Decrease the contrast (idle state).


  • Turn up the volume (ringing or call state).

  • Increase the brightness (idle state).

  • Increase the contrast (idle state).


  • Pressing this key answers an incoming call in hands-free mode (when activated, the key is lit blue). When a call is in progress, pressing this key switches from hands-free mode to headset or handset mode. If the headset is connected, you automatically answer the call with the headset. A long press activates the loudspeaker when a call is in progress via the handset or headset.


  • Programmable keys (F1 and F2 keys).Lit when the function associated with the key is activated. A service or a direct call can be associated to these keys.


  • Redial key: to access the 'Redial' feature.

    • Last number redial (short press).

    • Call back one of the last 8 numbers dialed (long press).

  • Quick access to user local menu (long press).

  • Used to obtain information on functions of the 'menu' page and to program key of the 'perso' page (short press).


  • Messaging key to access the messaging portal (call log, voice messages and text messages).

  • This key flashes blue when there is a new event such as a new voice message, a new instant message or a new event in the call log. The key remains lit until all events are acknowledged or deleted.

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