Managing Schoology Groups

This article references the Secondary Schoology Guidelines.  This video has been provided as an overview of all aspects of managing Groups in Schoology.

To provide reminders to students, we recommend that you post an update in Schoology.  Additionally, students and parents may use email and messaging in Schoology. Please check your Schoology messages regularly to ensure you do not miss any messages.


Schoology Groups / Non-expiring Courses

Groups and Non-Expiring Courses can be created in Schoology for clubs, committees or working groups, with permission from the divisional Technology Coaches.  A teacher should be the Administrator of the group and monitor the group activity for inappropriate content and communication.  All messaging for school-based clubs should be done through Schoology, rather than through other platforms such as WhatsApp, and should adhere to the HKIS Social Media Policy.  Students cannot create groups independently and will need a teacher to manage their group.

Assigning Members to Groups

1.  Locate the Group that you wish to manage



2. Click on the "Members" tab on the left hand navigation


3. Click the "Add Members" button at the top of the members list


4. Locate the member that you wish to add to the group


5. If a student is a club leader you may think its necessary for them to be an administrator of the group.  This can be done by clicking on the "cog" next to their name and selecting "Make Admin".



Setting Group Notification

1.  Locate the Group that you wish to manage



2. Click on the "Notifications" button on the top right of the page


3. Select the Notification settings you wish to have


4. Click "Save Changes"

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