Assignment naming conventions in Schoology

This article references the Secondary Schoology Guidelines.  This video has been provided as an overview of all aspects of assignment creation and configuration in Schoology.

Here we have outlined the agreed upon requirements for configuring and creating assignments in Schoology, as well as important considerations for materials management and organisation.

Naming Conventions

It is important for students to understand the purpose of an assignment. This starts with the naming conventions for assessments so that students are aware of:

  • the course related to the assessment
  • the name of the assessment
  • and, if the assessment is a Summative (S) or Formative (F)

Therefore, HKIS has naming conventions to ensure consistency across the School. When creating an assignment you should use the following agreed-upon naming protocol.

  • Course Name_Assignment Name_(F)
  • Course Name_Assignment Name_(S)

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