Configure course settings in the Schoology Gradebook Setup

This article references the Secondary Schoology Guidelines.  This video has been provided as an overview of all aspects of Gradebook Setup in Schoology.

This HKIS Reporting Taxonomy outlines the language used to communicate student learning to stakeholders. This language is based on the HKIS Schoolwide Principles and Practices

The Schoology gradebook standardized setup reflects the HKIS Reporting Taxonomy for each department by organizing evidence of learning. The evidence of learning communicates the multiple opportunities students have had to demonstrate proficiency. 

The Schoology gradebook uses the language, Evidence of Learning, which includes Formative and Summative assessments, as identified through the agreed-upon naming protocols.


Step-by-Step Guide

Please note that this steps must be performed before you start putting assessments into Schoology.

1. Navigate to your Course

2. Click on Grade Setup


3. Ensure you only have one Category called "Evidence of Learning" with a weighting of "0"

4. Select the following options

  • Hide Grading Category score columns
  • Hide overall grade in student grade report
  • Allow Faculty to view student mastery details
  • Allow members to view student mastery details

5. Click "Save Changes"


Standards-based Mastery Gradebook

The Mastery Gradebook (standards-based gradebook) shows proficiency towards the guaranteed academic standards that are organized into measurements topics and reporting categories. This greadebook is configured at a School level and cannot be changed by Teachers.

Here is a quick overview of what students and teachers will see when they enter the Mastery Gradebook. It is essential that all teachers follow the protocols in the document to ensure accurate reporting on measurement topics.  More details will be shown in the training materials.


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