Locate my Courses in Schoology

This article references the Secondary Schoology Guidelines.  This video has been provided as an overview of all aspects of course management in Schoology.

Locating your Courses

All courses which appear for Faculty in Schoology synchronise through PowerSchool.  So if you don't see the courses you are meant to be teaching this semester it is recommended that your reach out to your administrator or the web helpdesk (help@hkis.edu.hk).

1. Log in to Schoology using your HKIS credentials

2. Select "Courses" from the top-level navigation Select_Courses.png

3. Select "My Courses" to find courses which may not appear in the quick select list


4. Click "Reorder Courses" from the right hand menu


5. Drag a desired courses into the order you wish for them to appear.Drag_Course.png

6. Now the courses you teach will appear in the order you wanted it to.


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