How can I view a Student's Parent(s), Guardian(s) or Counsellor(s) contact details in Schoology and email them?

Step 1 - Locate the relevant course
Select COURSES from the top navigation and find the course that the Student is currently taking.

Step 2 - Select the members tab in the Navigation
In the left hand navigation you can select 'Member' to see all of the students who are currently taking the course.
Once the page has loaded, select the studnent who you wish to investigate.

Step 3 - Select the Parent or Advisor
Once you have selected the student you will be able to find their links to their Parent's email address and who their Counsellors are by clicking on the students name. Select the Parent's name to reveal their email address that is registered in PowerSchool.

Step 4 - Select the Message Button
Once you have located the Advisor or Parent's contact information you can select the 'Message' button on the top right of the screen. This will allow you to
send a message to the necessary party.

Step 5 - Using Gmail to email parents of a student
Alternatively, you can type a student number into the address box when you compose a new email and it will the parent(s) email with the suffix of "F" for Father and "M" for mother.
Please make sure you have the correct student before using this feature.


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