How can I submit health insurance claims?

Step 1 - Visit the Cigna Envoy Site

In your browser visit
Login with your health insurance credentials that were given to you during orientation.

Step 2 - Select "Submit a New Claim"

On the top right hand side of the page you will find a large button that says "Submit a New Claim". You can also access the Claims section by clicking on the top navigation.

Step 3 - Review the New Claim Checklist

Review the checklist for creating a new claim to make sure you the necessary documentation and information. Press the "continue" button when you are ready to proceed.

Step 4 - Input the Claim Details

Follow the prompts and complete the new claim details. Explanations are available
for each of the input data required. Please ensure you upload the receipt or supporting documentation with your claim. Select the "continue" button when you are finished

Step 5 - Confirm the Payment Details

Confirm how you would like Cigna to reimburse you and add any bank details that are necessary. After you have confirmed your details you will be able to review your claim before hitting the final submit button.


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