How can I take attendance in PowerSchool?

Step 1 - Log into PowerSchool Teacher
Login to PowerSchool Teacher and navigate to the Start Page. home.html
Once you login you should be able to see the classes you are responsible for.

Step 2 - Select the Take Attendance icon
Select the icon of a student behind a desk to access the attendance page. This icon will be graded out if there class is not
running on this particular day..

Step 3 - Take the Attendance for your class
If all of your students are present (or accounted for) you can hit the submit button without any actions. Alternatively you can use the dropdown menu to mark the student as (A)bsence, (T)ardy or (U)nexcused Absents for Summatives.
Don't forget to press the submit button on the top right OR bottom right when you are finished taking attendance.

Step 4 - Add Comments when necessary
The more data and information we have on student behaviour the better. So you may think it is necessary to add a comment when a student is frequently tardy or details of the assessment they have missed. This will help administration identify trends in the
students behaviour.

Step 5 - Student Alerts
Next to the student names you will see an array of icons. You can hover over each of the icons to see what they mean or click on the icon to see more details. For example in the image you can see an expanded Medical Alert.


ILP Alert

The student has an active Individual Learning Plan (ILP)


SPP Alert

The student has an active Student Profile Plan (SPP)


Learning Support Alert


Level 1 Learning Support


Level 2 Learning Support


Accommodated students from Middle School / High School


Monitoring students for LP/UP


Student Support Summary Alert

A summarised alert for all the support the student is receiving 

Additional information on icons


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