How can I find Faculty resources on Schoology?

Step 1 - Access Schoology using your HKIS Login
Navigate to Schoology ( and login with your Hong Kong International School login credentials that have been provided to you.

Step 2 -Locate the HS Faculty Group
Select 'GROUPS' from the top navigation and locate the 'High School Faculty' group in the drop down menu which will appear. If you are unable to see this group please contact to ensure you are added to this group.

Step 3 - Select Resources from the Navigation
Once you have accessed the'High School Faculty' group you can select resources from the left hand navigation. DO NOT select resources in the top navigation.

Step 4 - Browse the Resources
Once you select 'Resources' you will be presented with a folder structure which contains all of the Faculty resources available to you.

Step 5 - Access Weekly Letters and more
Inside the resource folder you will find the HS Weekly Letters, which are your first port to call for everything happening in the High School.



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