How can I access MedicalTravel Data for APAC Teams?

Step 1 - Login to PowerSchool Admin
Log out of PowerSchool and ensure you are logged into the Administrator portal - 

Step 2 - Select the Students Attending
Select "MultiSelect" and copy in the HKIS ID Numbers of all the Students attending the trip. All of the student numbers should be separated by a new line.

Step 3 - Access the Travel Data Check Report
Access the "Travel Data Check Report". This report is located in System Reports > sqlReport > Travel . Alternatively you can access it directly from the following link - Reports/params.html?frn=00613266&lrn=0058808 

Ensure you use the dropdown to indicate you want to use the 'Current Selection Only'.

Step 4 - Download data as spreadsheet
With the students selected you can now press the "CSV" button to download a spreadsheet with all the relevant Travel Document information, Medical Information and Contact Details necessary for travelling.

Step 5 - Download Identification Attachments

  1. Press the "Make Current Selection" button at the top of the report.
  2. Navigate to the Student Attachments report
  3. Filter the Documents you require
  4. Select All the student
  5. Press the 'Download Selection' button


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