Signing an electronic document with the Preview app on Mac

1. Right-click on the document (PDF format) and click on Open With and click Preview to open the app. 



2. On the top of the Preview window, click on the Annotation icon (Pen with circle) to display the Markup Toolbar. Then click on the Signature icon to create your first signature. Screenshot_2022-10-24_at_1.07.10_PM.png


3. Click on Trackpad on the tab, and click on the wording 'Click Here to Begin' in the rectangular space to start creating your signature using the trackpad of your computer.


4. Once you are finished creating the signature, press any key on the keyboard and click Done to complete the process. 



5. Now click on the Signature icon again, and you should see the signature you just created. You can now click on your signature to insert it into the document.  



6. You can move the signature to the place you want and also adjust the size of the signature. 



7. Once you placed the signature in the place you want, you need to click File and Save to save the PDF.



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