How to install the new printer driver on your MacBook (2023)

How to install the new printer driver on your MacBook

  1. Click the "Spotlight" from the top-right corner of your screen   Screen_Shot_2017-07-03_at_10.53.19_AM.png
  2. Search for "Self Service" and double-click on "Self Service" hkis-self-service.jpg
  3. Click "Printers" from the "Categories" (located at the left side)
  4. Choose the printer driver you wish to install:
    1. Tai Tam campus: click "Install" under "Tai Tam Printer"
    2. Repulse Bay campus: click "Install" under "Repulse Bay Printer"
      This will begin the installation process and may take 2-3 minutes
  5. A new window will prompt you to enter your HKIS email account ID (without the

  6. Once done, the installation process will disappear without warning. Now, you can test the printer driver. You may need to change your default printer to the latest one and see either of the two screenshots below (<username>@TTPRINTER or <username>@RBPRINTER):

    If you need any help, please send an email to or visit any of our IT offices.


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