Register for the new FM Work Order System

There are two ways to get to the new FM Work Order System:
1. Through DragonNet -> Employee Tools -> FM Work Request
2. Type
If you encounter the image below, please click "Advanced"

Then click "Proceed to (unsafe)" - do not worry, it is safe.

(You need to do this only once)
Afterward, you should be led to the new FM Work Request System page.
Below are instructions on how to register with the new FM Work Request System.
Click "Register Now"
Make sure to type "HKIS" for *Customer:
Fill in your personal details/information.
Make sure to also click the "magnifying glass" icon to see the list of options for "Password Hint Question"

A new window will pop-up. Please choose one by clicking on one of the underlined links.
And put the "Answer" in the box below it.
Fill in the rest and hit "Submit"

A notification window will pop-up to advise you if the registration process is successful.

An email will be sent to you to advise that they have received your registration application
Another email will be sent to confirm if your registration has been approved.
Once approved, you may go back to and login.

If you need technical support:
For Maximo IT Support, please contact: or
For FM Team Support, please contact Emily Tai ( or Siu Kam Lai (

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